Mapping the campus of Loughborough University – in poetry.


Poet Mark Goodwin is currently landscape poet-in residence at the Department of English and Drama, Loughborough University.  He’ll be working with a group of students to produce a poetic mapping of the campus, focussing on natural and built landscape, as well as the position of the University in relation to urban and rural settings: what might be called ‘rurban’. 

Loughborough’s is the biggest campus in the UK, and provides many opportunities for writing about different kinds of environment: from the obvious big structures to little corners that grow wild.  we’ll be exploring them all, and adding work to this blog as the residency develops. 

Eventually we hope to record these poems and make them available as audio files using site-specific software.  As well as a written record, visitors will be able to access the poetics of a campus on hand-held devices, and this will offer a new interpretive vision of the University by its writers. 

We hope you enjoy reading the wide variety of work that the residency produces.

Kerry Featherstone, Lecturer in Creative Writing.

Mark Goodwin, Landscape Poet in Residence.


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