Mapping the campus of Loughborough University – in poetry.


	fixed, a
trans		parent
lit			lit
	with    L    E    D
	           L    E    A   D

me through the campus
in miniature.

con		structed
d   uvet
	   n essay printed
	   photo from home
	   tearful conversation

hysterical laughter
reverberates through
the shell
	of an LED building
	through fingerprint glass

a fishing line		(to scale)
pulls my
tugging my

miniature shadow
			across squashed cobbles
to that 		door
           tiny intercom

whispers too small 
			for my life sized ear
to hear
	through the fingerprint glass. 

One response

  1. mark goodwin . gone ground

    Mapping Glean

    a parent glass lit
    LED lead campus

    campus miniature structed
    dense printed home conversation

    laughter through shell
    building glass

    scale cobbles

    door intercom
    ear glass

    January 14, 2012 at 9:33 am

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